Welcome to the CYC S Member Resource page. This section covers how members can access club resources for events.

Emergency contact information

If you see something at the marina that looks odd, don't hesitate to call 911 and ask for the Port of Seattle police. 

For Marina facilities issues, contact Shilshole Marina 24/7 phone at 206 601 4089

Keypad to Leschi - 1940

CYC Seattle is an inclusive work place

The CYC has an anti-discrimination policy. You are required to abide by all aspects of the policy. To read the policy, click here: 

CYC Non-Discrimination Policy.pdf

Statement of Gratitude

The Corinthian Yacht Club wishes to convey our deepest respect for the Duwamish People as we sail on the shared waters of the Puget Sound and the Salish Sea, and with gratitude, we celebrate and honor the unbroken history of the first people of Seattle who were on the sea from time immemorial and continue to call the shorelines their home.

Safety - our top priority!

Safety is a top priority. Here are some useful policies and forms.

You are required to report all incidents/injuries greater than a minor scrape or cut to a club member, staff, volunteer, or participant.  Please report objective facts only - don't make judgements, speculations, or medical opinions.  If you are in doubt on whether to report it, please go ahead and report it.  Once the form is complete, leave a copy with the CYC office or email it to office@cycseattle.org by the end of the day in which the event occured.

 CYC Incident Report rev 12_2021.pdf

When operating a RIB, whaler or any motorized CYC boat, you are required to have a WA Boater's education card on file with CYC (unless you are born before Jan 1, 1955).  The CYC is willing to reimburse anyone for the class who agrees to volunteer for at least 3 days on the water during a calendar year.  The course takes about 4-6 hours and costs approximately $50.  This is one provider of the course: Washington Boaters License Test & Official Boater Safety Course (boat-ed.com)

Clubhouse Event Plan forms

CYC is a community: " a group of people sharing a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals, especially a group practicing common ownership". Our community functions at an incredible pace---producing over 104 days of sailboat racing--more than any other club in the country; All Season Cruises; Certification workshops and Chalk talks; Annual Social events; Junior Sailing programs; and prestigious Regatta partnerships with other non-profit sailing groups like Pink Boat and Adventuress Cup. Every event we hold comes from Member Inspiration.

Balancing these goals with low monthly dues means members must the primary drivers and executers of events on the calendar.  Members are responsible for creating and managing events, filling the necessary volunteer positions, writing publicity copy and keeping to a budget. Each calendar event requires an Event Host who works with the office to arrange Clubhouse resources and financial transactions. Here's a Timeline to follow Clubhouse Event Timeline

For this planning and communication, please use these Event Forms whether you are putting on a legacy event or a new event. 

Event Hosting Forms Packet

Event Budget & Reimbursement


The CYC event budget is better served when we purchase in bulk from commercial and institutional suppliers rather than retailers such as Costco or Cash n Carry. Please consider your needs, especially for paper goods, in advance and check supplies at the Clubhouse before you purchase. Feel free to use any items that are not clearly earmarked for another event.


We are pushing toward increasing sustainability by using compostable or reusable items. As these environmentally friendly containers are still slightly more costly and difficult to source on the fly, you can best help this effort with a look around the clubhouse for supplies to use for your event. Then contact the office to see what might be on order or when we can get it delivered. If you do bring your own utensils and paper goods, please take them away after your event as the Clubhouse only has room to stock products we order.

Each event at the Clubhouse bears the responsibility of a balanced budget---that means breaking even whether it's a legacy event or a newly created one. As a club event, your budget doesn't include rent for reserving the space. It does need to consider hours of paid bar staff, which starts at a base of $44 (set up / take down hours) and is $22 / per hour that the bar is open, not including employer burden of matching payroll deductions.

If you want to serve Club Liquor to a small group, please consider using a member volunteer with a MAST permit to defer the labor cost. For more information on how your group can arrange a member volunteer for bar tending, contact the office. Ask about the other ways to enjoy alcohol at your event in a cost-effective manner.


Approval is required for reimbursements. It is the responsibility of each Board Member to manage the financial planning for events, regattas, entertainments or other activities under their purview. Find your Board representative for your event here. Purchase approval may be done by signature or email.

To submit for reimbursement:

  • Use the form below. 
  • Please be sure to fill in your current mailing address, the event and type of expense (Juniors, Racing, Cruising) 
  • Attach original receipts, especially over $100 
  • Place in the Reimbursement box in the office, usually by the printers and window. 

Please do not send photos of receipts or the form by email as these are not valid documents for tax recordkeeping. Reimbursement checks are processed on Fridays and delivered by bank bill pay by US Mail from the bank. Please look carefully at your US Mail for Banner Bank envelopes as they can be mistaken for junk mail. A timely deposit of your Reimbursement check is appreciated for CYC bookkeeping.

CYC Expense Reimbursement Request 2023.pdf

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