Would you like to review the presentation (from back in March 2021) to see what racing rules have changed for 2021?

Click on  CYC Racing Rules of Changes Talk 2021.pdf 

(Thank you Wayne Balsiger, Charlie Macaulay, and Jared Hickman for compiling this.)

2021 CYC RACE BOOK (pdf)


2021 SARC... 
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Welcome to the 2021 CYC Racing Season!

Some early-season information:

  • Race Committee & Compliance – We are striving to set a good standard!
  • Crew Limits – No limits, consistent with current Phase guidance
  • Smart Phone Race Tracking – Download (and activate when appropriate ) the Kwindoo race tracking app. It's free, it's fun and it works! Go here to set up your account, name your boat,  and watch the races live.  www.kwindoo.com

Sharing a few good practices for racing during COVID

No substitute for your own research or what the experts are telling us, just a helpful start

  • If any of the following are true, please STAY HOME:\
    • you’ve been exposed to anyone with symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID
    • your temperature in the last 24 hours was higher than normal
    • you have been asked to quarantine by state or local health officials
    • you have been diagnosed with COVID
  • Respect your fellow competitors and their families by wearing a mask. When you need a breather head downwind of your crewmates
  • Space yourself at the rail and limit time in proximity to others
  • Establish rules for going below, most boats based on size have a limit of one or two folks
  • Avoid the chips and other shared food
  • Be mindful of others in the community when you are in the marina and parking lots
  • Skip the clubhouse for now – we’re spiffing it up and you’ll enjoy it that much more when we open the bar and can socialize again.


Virtual Racing

  • No upcoming events
Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle organizes weeknight racing from April through September and several weekend regattas totaling over 100 days of racing each year.

We race on Lake Washington and Puget Sound and our racers come from levels of experience from first time racers to world championship and Olympic sailors.

Thank you, Business Members!

Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
7755 Seaview Ave NW 
Seattle WA 98117
(206) 789-1919

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