John Hoag – Commodore. John has been a member of CYC since 1991. He was born at the United States Naval Academy, and started sailing when he was just a pup. His favorite boats are still the Hobies and actively races in local and international events with his daughter JJ and his wife Della as crew. John also races Shrek, his 1D35, and recently started in with the J70 fleet. Having recently retired from 30 years as a dentist, he is happy to be able to have time now to help CYC move forward with so many exciting opportunities in front of us.

Pat Dore - Vice Commodore. Pat grew up in a very large sailing family (13 siblings) on Capital Hill. Crewing for his father on 6 meters and a PC (32 ft wooden race boat), the racing was at Leschi, the original home of CYC. At 13 he was given the PC to sail to the San Juans with his 14-year-old brother, the start of many summers cruising the islands without their parents. Thus began a love for sailing. Patrick has had the pleasure of being the bowman or tactician on 6 meters, 12 meters (Courageous / Perth), TP 52, Melges 24 & Melges 32, offshore 50 (IOR), Dragons, Maxies (Windward Passage, Swiftsure) and 45 or more years of J24 racing. Work experience has taken me to Bristol Bay, where I owned and managed a fishing boat and set net for 25 years. My other experience includes construction project management, sales and marketing of promotional products for 38 years, as well as coaching sailing.

Peter Stewart – Rear Commodore. Peter was raised locally in an active sailing family experiencing his first sailing on a Cal 40 in the early 70’s. Later racing as a family crew along with three siblings on deck! Cherokee, the family boat is still campaigned by him while Pat Stewart vicariously follows AIS trackers. Peter is a dedicated passionate sailor racing Cherokee all over PNW while crewing on Shrek and recently the J/70 Orange. He loves racing on the lake and sound, around the buoys or distance. Peter splits time between Phoenix and Seattle and has been a Southwest Airlines pilot for 25yrs. Peter enjoys dropping in on racing while on a trip (somebody needs crew?) He enjoys skiing with friends, mountain biking, and travel. He would like to help finish initiatives underway to make the CYC Seattle experience better for everyone.

Charlie Macaulay - Treasurer. Charlie moved to the Seattle area in 1980 because it’s the only place in the country you can sail and ski. He joined CYC in 1981 shortly after buying Katrinka Finklesplatt, nee Foulweather Bluff. Charlie has been actively competing in sailing around the area ever since, on his own boat and crewing for others. He currently sails on his Farr 39, Absolutely, usually with his daughters and sons-in-law on the crew and is a long time US Sailing judge. He was CYC Commodore in 2022 and wants to continue supporting CYC by serving as Treasurer and helping out the Juniors program.

Jon Anderson – Fleet Captain - Race. Jon Anderson has been a CYC member for 10 years and is currently the Regatta Chair for the 2024 J/24 Worlds in October. Jon is an active racer in the J/24, J/70 and PHRF fleets in Seattle. He owns the Moore 24 'Hummingbird' with his wife Genevieve and splits his time between Seattle and San Juan Island. Jon notes that the future of CYC relies on members stepping up when they see an opportunity that fits their background. His strengths lie in leadership and project management and has a strong reputation for improving processes and fostering team relationships. His personal ethos surrounds inclusivity, diversity and sustainability and plans to make those pillars of his time as Fleet Captain Race.

His goals for Fleet Captain Race are:  1. Back to Basics: Host a well thought out reliable racing schedule in 2024 that is clearly organized with the Fleets and well run. 2. Race Registration: Launch a new platform for race registration that is easy for the racer and office to use and shows boats registered in real time! 3. Put CYC on the Championship Map - Create a stellar reputation for CYC by hosting the J/24 Worlds which will show the World that CYC is a world class racing venue that encourages other fleets to bring their championships to Seattle and CYC.