CYC's Summer Camp is returning in 2024 through CYC's brand new 501(c)(3) non-profit the CYC Community Sailing Center! Registration opens February 26th at noon PST. Summer camps begin June 17th and run through the end of August. More information can be found at the CYC Community Sailing Center's website. Additional questions can be directed to the email or by calling at (206) 402-6870.
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Welcome to the second month of the Clubspot membership and registration system! You'll find CYC Current member login  here

Q: What do I do on the page? 

A: If you are a current member and you haven't logged in at Clubspot, please do update soon. CYC invoices/statements are sent on the 27th of the month. It's easiest if you complete your member portal before you receive a statement. Remember, CURRENT MEMBER LOG IN if you are a CYC member and JOIN if you wish to be considered for membership.

If you have any problems, contact or just call 206 789 1919. The more problems we uncover, the better we advance the process so please get in touch.

Below, in the descriptions under the headings Clubhouse, Racing and Cruising , you'll find a list of CYC activities and when you follow those links, in the event description we've provided the Clubspot link if needed to register. So check this page for all CYC events and expect to register/rsvp through a Clubspot link which you find when you click the event on this page. 

Q: Why Don't I see the same list of dates and events on the Clubspot page as I see below? 

A: Events below are a record of Clubhouse events that are scheduled for nonmember and partner events as well as CYC member events or Regattas open to the general public. Some events listed below don't require RSVP and some dates are for calendaring purposes to show the Clubhouse is engaged. You'll see "Placeholder" in front of events that are not open to the general public but we want to give a heads up that the CYC space is booked on that day.

We're working hard to get you access to all the events
in a standard month display for our busy 2024 calendar!



Social events and educational programs to keep you engaged while off the water:


Weeknight racing from April through September and CYC  weekend regattas:


Social weekend cruising to explore the waters of Puget Sound:

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