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  • 7 Oct 2019 1:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It was anything but foggy the weekend of Oct 5th & 6th, when 10 CYC boats and 22 members enjoyed the new Bainbridge Island Waterfront Marina and Park. Everyone enjoyed exploring the town, museums and stores in Winslow Saturday afternoon.

    The new dock allowed our group to cluster together for comradery, appetizers and cocktails Saturday afternoon, and then on to dinner at the San Carlos Mexican Restaurant that evening. The party continued on "Aurora" after dinner with Nicaraguan rum being enjoyed.

    The next morning dawned sunny and warm, and after exploring the many bakeries, coffee houses and restaurants there was more sharing of boating stories. The group was able to sail home in a fresh 5-6 knot breeze on a beautiful Fall afternoon.

    -Jack Connick & Denise Kitchel, Hosts

  • 9 Sep 2019 11:59 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    At 10:00 AM Saturday Morning 10 boats set out from Shilshole in a 5-8 knot South easterly, most flying chutes off the line on a reverse start for a 17.75 mile race to Foul Weather bluff.  Unlike recent years tide was light and current light.  Several fast boats set a direct course for the finish to reduce the chance of having any problem jibing their boats short handed.  One slower boat worked what eddies there were, and jibed dozens of times along the shore to stay in with race leaders. 

    Charlotte blazed across the finish line first at 13:48, followed several minutes later by a close tie between Those Guys and Altair.  Altair had worked the shore some and fought through some difficult sailing challenges, while Those Guys stayed out and fought through the main river of flood tide.  The two boats finished so close the Sailing instructions had to be used to hand the lead to closest boat to the finish mark, Those Guys.  Altair was really hoping for a second year of second place after fight such a good race. 

    The next few boats had less disputed finishes.  All the boats were at the Marina by 15:00 and prepared (napped) for Happy hour at 17:00.  What a spread. You had to remind each other dinner was still coming.  At 7pm a dinner spread was laid out which filled a whole table and two benches.  Pretty much a classic Cruising Fleet Potluck - its what they do!  Matthew Wood, a racing guest to the cruising fleet, remarked he had found a new and profound respect for Cruising Races and would be back.

    As the dishes sat unwashed, Matthew Wood entertained and informed the fleet with stories of CYC. Particularly the Lake Fleet Committee Shoe. We were roaring with laughter so much the locals watching Free Willy movie across the lawn probably wondered what the fun was about at our site.  We then joined the Movie crowd on the lawn to watch the decisive moments when Willy was Freed, and the young lad said his last of many “I Love You Willy” lines. 

    Sunday morning’s Potluck was equally as good a spread, fresh baked sticky rolls, Yogurt Parfaits, and another table full of food.  After a quick race starting tactic talk we all set off for our boats.  One boat had an engine overheat, and was towed by Tuuli to the start line in time to make Tuuli’s start.  Nearly all the boats started after a discussion of delay to wait for boats still at marina.  Sunday the wind was 5-7 knots from the South. 

    The wind held while getting lighter until past Point No Point.  It was nearly Kingston where boats started retire.  We all realized we forgot to make a provision for shortening the course after the start. So closest to finish at time limit of 19:00 gave the win to Charlotte, followed again by Those Guys and Atlair.  Although it could be debated that Altair had outside assistance when a boat delivered ice to them to encourage them to stay in the race. 

    Special Mention goes to Tuuli for emergency towing service, and emergency supplies delivery (the above mentioned Ice). 

    Participating boats:  Charlotte, Those Guys, Altair, Tuuli, Gratitude, Sea Geek, Bardo, Kittiwake, Red Hot, Cascadia.

    -Mike McGuane


    Start Location 



    Pt NoPt

    Meadow Start





    GPS Time Example

    Sail #


    Boat Name




    if 10AM start



    Mike McGuane & Karen Mooney

    Kittiwake (Islander Bahama 30)







    Monica & Robinson Howell

    Cascadia (Jeanneau 36)







    Greg Davenport

    Bardo (Catalina 36)







    Luyuan Fang & Fabio Chiussi

    Sea Geek (Jeanneau 349)







    Karen & Scott Tobiason

    Tuuli (Catalina 42)







    Suzette Connolly & Paul Baker

    Altair (Sceptre 41)







    Shez & MichelleTucker

    Red Hot (C&C 39)







    David & Karen Barnes

    Gratitude (Hanse 415)







    Al & Jane Johnson

    Charlotte (Quest 30)







    Jenny Heins & Tim Huse

    Those Guys (J35)







    Thomas Muir & Carol

    Artemis (Alan Andrews 53)






    Start Location 


    Pt No Pt


    Meadow Start





    GPS Time Example

    Sail #


    Boat Name




    if 11AM start



    Mike McGuane & Karen Mooney

    Kittiwake (Islander Bahama 30)







    Monica & Robinson Howell

    Cascadia (Jeanneau 36)





  • 17 Jul 2019 3:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wind Dancer just came back from Port Orchard / Bremerton this weekend.  We really enjoyed it all:  a big Port Orchard parade, a little aerobatic airshow, music in the bandstand, and fireworks from the bridge, plus the ride to and from Bremerton on the foot ferry.  The Bremerton marina was packed, but Port Orchard was maybe half full.  We had a quiet night’s sleep.

    We left Shilshole late Saturday morning in the sun, and sailed for an hour in very light air heading for Agate Pass.  Then we motored down the West side of Bainbridge to Port Orchard.  The ships in the Navy yard are impressive up close.  The marina at Port Orchard is good, with a breakwater float around it.  Some gentle rocking occurs when the ferry comes in from Seattle.  Port Orchard has nice marina restrooms and showers.  Downtown is a block away, and there is a pleasant a mile of  paved shore side walking path going toward the East.

    After a walk along the promenade, and a BBQ onboard the boat, we walked up to see the parade through downtown Port Orchard.  I was impressed with the number of sports cars and vintage cars in the parade.  I bet there was every version of the Corvair ever built.

    Right next to the marina is the foot ferry to Bremerton that runs every 30 minutes for $2 a person.  This takes you to downtown Bremerton right beside the still new looking Bremerton marina.  We rode over during the airshow put on by three aerobatic airplanes.  Their favorite maneuver was to dive down to the water, and then climb back up vertically, till they tumbled and dove down again.  We walked in the narrow park beside the Naval facility.  It has a series of fountains that look like submarine conning towers. 

    Thanks to Jenny and Tim’s scouting last year, we watched the fireworks from a small park along the shore just in front of the Turner Joy Navy museum ship.  I wanted to see how they took advantage of the bridge for launching fireworks.  What became evident was that the wide base meant they could launch multiple rockets across the expanse of the bridge – so a much broader section of the sky was lit up than when they are launched from a barge.  During the climax, a waterfall of fire rained down from the center span of the bridge to the water.  The fireworks could be seen from Port orchard, but for the waterfall effect you need to be in Bremerton.

    On a previous cruise Jennifer and I toured the destroyer: Turner Joy moored at the Bremerton marina.  I recall that the ship was in very good condition, and many parts of the ship were open for visiting.  In our case a docent escorted us to some bowels of the ship that were more strenuous to access.  The ship is a good way to get your fix of Navy flavored history.

    After breakfast Sunday we motored out from Port Orchard in the warm sunshine, through Rich Passage, around the South end of Bainbridge, past Blake Island, and up the Sound to Shilshole.  We had a very pleasant weekend, with a circumnavigation of Bainbridge Island included.  Thanks to Jenny and Tim from “Those Guys” for scouting the Bremerton Bridge Blast last year.  I recommend this weekend event for a change to our popular 3rd of July Fireworks in Poulsbo – that is coming right up this week!

  • 18 Jun 2019 4:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Once again, the Blakely Rocks Low Tide Cruise this past weekend turned out to be a great fun.  To all of you who participated and contributed fabulous food, (eleven boats total),  on this Fathers Day Cruise thank you very much.

    Beside the boats that signed up for the cruise, we had Raven with Chris Young, Red Hot with Shez and Michelle Tucker and another boat that came with the Tuckers, but I couldn’t catch their name, I apologize for this ommision. 

    The weather was a big help, it was sunny and warm. On Saturday, we had the appetizers at 6:00 PM on “Gratitude" thanks to David and Karen Barnes and their boys, who graciously offered their cockpit to set up the buffet.  Their boat is so spacious, we all fitted comfortably. Saturday night we were gifted with a spectacular full moon. On Sunday we headed for the Rocks around 9:30 AM to set up the brunch on the beach. Everybody brought fantastic food, we are so lucky to have members that are great cooks.  Thank you Bret and Joyce and Jack and Denise for bringing tables that we badly needed to set  the food dishes.  There was lots of things to explore and see on the Rocks.  We had birds, a group of seals bathing in the sun and colorful starfish for the delight of the adults and younger set, (we did have several children/young adults celebrating with their fathers).

    Robert and I appreciated the camaraderie and enthusiasm that you all showed us this past weekend, it was a pleasure, we enjoyed sharing the time with you all. Bellow are some photos of the event that we wanted to share with you.

    Thank you all.


    Rose Capestany
    RCI Inc Design Consultants


  • 8 Jun 2019 6:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CYC Cruisers enjoyed another memorable Memorial Day weekend at Mystery Bay on Marrowstone Island. After a wet Saturday sail and/or motor up on Saturday, 8 boats rafted up with 5 anchors for the 2 night weekend. We welcomed new club members Jack Connick and Denise Kitchel on their boat “Maggie May”. The story of the day was the rescue in Admiralty Inlet with Coast Guard and freighter radio help of one of our group’s wayward dinghy. On a cold Saturday night cruisers hopped from boat to boat visiting, with the most popular boats being those who had toasty warm furnaces!

    Sunday we awoke to sun and warmth. 2 more boats joined us with their own little raft nearby and about half the crew visited the goat farm and came away with lots of goaty knowledge and cheesy goodness. Then on to the Nordland Tractor Days parade where the tractors were plentiful this year and we were treated to 3 passes in front of the Nordland General store (which also sells Mystery Bay Yacht Club burgees!)

    The afternoon was filled with dinghy rides, paddleboarding, swimming and hammocking. Jack’s drone caught some of the activity including Tim at the top of his mast. (We hope to see some of that footage soon!) In the evening, we dinghied ashore for a potluck dinner and fire at the park. The food was delicious and plentiful! 

    Monday we departed before the low tide - with a little more water in Kilisut Harbor’s entrance channel than the 8 feet on Saturday. “Those Guys” under spinnaker, and “Wind Dancer” with white sails sailed home down Admiralty inlet in the sun until it was time to motor.  What a fun club event – that’s why we belong to CYC!

  • 7 Nov 2018 3:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On November 2-3, there were 5 boats that attended the 2nd annual Chili Cook off in Poulsbo. Thirteen people which included 3 youngsters, all under age 8, braved the blustery fall weather.  Forecast for the night was lots of wind, so after securing the boats, we all set off for some beer tasting and comradery at Valholl Brewery. 

    At 6:30pm we convened in the Marina party room for some serious chili tasting. We had 7 different chili recipes, 2 cornbreads, a sourdough bread stuffed with brie and a big salad to balance things out. So you can see we were not lacking in food. The wind kicked up to 20-30 knots Saturday night so what better weather for some good chili tasting.  And the winner of our perpetual chili flag trophy was Ron Watt with Jerry Andrews a close 2nd.

    Post dinner activities included a round or two of Cards Against Humanity and lots of good laughs. I think it was a great turn out for a blustery November weekend with a reward of some sunshine and rainbows on the trip home on Sunday.

    Thanks to all of you all that attended and participated for making this a great event. See you again next year.

    Peggy Watt

  • 23 Jul 2018 10:01 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks to all the CYC cruisers who registered for the 3rd of July Cruise to Poulsbo. As always, it was quite the scene in Liberty Bay as boats anchored closer and closer to one another. 

    We were lucky to have new members Erron and Alison (Quiet Moments) as our location scouts early on July 2nd as they secured us a front-row, concussion-making location. In the end, 6 of the smaller boats anchored up there just west of the show while some of the larger vessels tied up with Chris Young (Raven) also near the front to the northwest during the show and then went off to safer locations to anchor overnight. On the small boat raft in the afternoon, we had some excitement when a nearby powerboat began to drift off with no driver aboard. (Just ask Erron, who kayaked over and jumped aboard, for the whole fingernail-biting tale!) Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious potluck, stimulating conversation, and prizes for most-patriotic boat (Cyrano), best hammock (Quiet Moments), potluck host (Wind Dancer) and other boat (Outlaw). (Those Guys) and (with Grace) were also in that raft up. Other CYC’ers spotted in the bay were (Cora Belle), (Raven), (Paya), (Coquette), (Altair) and (Bob Ross & crew).

    Tim & Jenny (Those Guys) did some recognizance on the Bremerton Bridge Blast pre-function. It would be a “blast" with a group. There is a nice shelter at Port Orchard that is reservable so it would be great to pick up a few more cruisers for the trip next year. The airshow was scary and breath-taking and the bridge blast fireworks were very theatrical and lovely. It is not so crowded with boats as Poulsbo yet (this only being it’s second year), plus there is a place to dock afterwards!

    Jenny Heins

    s/v Those Guys

  • 17 Jun 2018 8:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It was a beautiful weekend for sailing - plenty of wind, warmth, sunshine and CYC members.  We had 12 boats rafted up Saturday night with another 2 anchored separately.  A few soles braved the mud flats to explore the exposed shoreline while some walked the trails around the bay.  That evening, appetizers and stories were shared as old members got to know the new ones.  (Or the ones new to cruising).

    On Sunday morning, we were joined by a few more boats in time for the dinghy ride to Blakely Rock for lunch.  The kids explored the tidepools while the adults traded stories and partook of the potluck on the island.  The afternoon saw a nice building northerly for the trip back home.

  • 5 May 2018 10:13 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The CYC cruise to Kingston on April 28-29 was enjoyable and well-attended with ten boats traveling across the sound.  Saturday morning started out overcast with very light wind.  Most boats motored to Kingston and passed several sad-looking boats drifting along in the Smith Island/ Scatchet Head race. 

    The afternoon was spent relaxing and exploring the town of Kingston.  Club members gathered on the dock in the late afternoon to enjoy happy hour snacks and beverages, share stories, and become better acquainted.  Then it was a short walk uptown to Westside Pizza for dinner.  Twenty one members and guests enjoyed pizza and more beverages.  The service at Westside Pizza was excellent as was the pizza. 

    Afterwards some cruisers retired to relax onboard their vessels while many others searched out music and entertainment.  They found live music at the Kingston Ale House.  Many even contributed to the show and rumors abound about the karaoke abilities or lack of abilities in CYC cruisers.    So much fun was had Saturday night that some cruisers did not get up for breakfast until 10am the next day.

    Sunday again brought overcast skies and light winds.  There was enough wind in the morning to get started on a sail back to Shilshole, however the wind soon died.  The breeze came up and the sun came out later in the day.

    Boats attending the Kingston Pizza cruise included:

    • Dorothy  - Rhonda and Jerry
    • Jubilado – Susan, Mike, and Gwen
    • Joyride – Joyce and Brett
    • Ete – Hans and Chaz
    • Copacetic – Mike
    • Kamoon – Mike, Suzette, and Paul
    • Kittiwake – Mike and Karen
    • Lorelei – Kimberly, Tristan, and Andrew
    • Outlaw – Derek and Cindy
    • [name unknown] – Larry and Laurie?
  • 16 Apr 2018 4:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Twenty-seven hardy cruisers had a lively sail to Liberty Bay last weekend, some cruising along in a steady 30 knots of wind! Several boats spotted porpoise while underway and one even saw a pod of Orcas! Eight boats joined forces for a raft up and a delicious potluck dinner aboard Solstice (thanks Ron and Peggy), Altair (thanks Paul and Suzette) and Eleanor. Although we endured pouring rain on Saturday evening, we woke to a calm and beautiful Sunday morning. The group also enjoyed walks around Poulsbo to experience the local bakery, coffee shop, restaurants, art shops and breweries. A special thanks to CYC member Chris Roberts for giving CYC a special deal at Valholl Brewing. Make sure that you go when you are in Poulsbo and tell them that you are a CYC Seattle member.

    Lauri and Chris Bushue

    S/V Eleanor

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