Star - Two Person Keelboat

Fleet Captian:

Dave Watt (cell): 206-245-4774

District Secretary:

Foss Miller

District 6 Website:

Star Class Website:


Schedule of Events:

  • 2016 Local Racing Season
  •   Regatta Name Dates
      PSSR Regatta/ Seattle, WA April 9th and 10th
      Thursday Nights on Puget Sound/ Seattle, WA Starts April 2st and runs through September 15th
      POD/ Seattle, WA May 21st and 22nd
      PSSC/ Seattle, WA October 15th and 16th
      Turkey Bowl/ Seattle, WA November 19th and 20th
  • 2016 Regional Racing Season
  •   Regatta Name Dates
      Spring One-Design Series/ Vancouver, BC April 16th and 17th
      Black Star Regatta/ Olympia, WA May 7th
      May One-Design /Vancouver, BC May 7th and 8th
      June One-Design/ Vancouver, BC June 4th and 5th
      WAVES Regatta/ Vancouver, BC June 25th and 26th
      Kitsilano Invitational/ Vancouver, BC July 9th and 10th
      Western Canadian Championships/ Vancouver, BC August 20th and 21st
      District 6 Championships/ Vancouver, BC September 3rd and 4th
      Dale Jepsen One-Design/ Bellingham, WA Sept 17th and 18th
  • 2016 Star Class Regattas
  •   Regatta Name Dates
      World Championships/ Miami, FL April 7th through 17th
      North American Championships/ Chicago, IL Sept 27th through Oct 2nd

Fleet News:

A discussion about participation and racing improvement ideas was lead by C.Y.C. Commodore, Jerry Diercks, (thank you for spending time with us!) with input from many people in the Fleet:
– Thursday night racing will continue to have the first race start at 6:15 P.M.
– When the wind conditions permit, the Thursday night race courses will be located north of Meadow Point, and will have long windward legs with more downwind finishes to enable subsequent races to start sooner
– This year’s Thursday night racing will be followed by nightly de-brief discussions in the Clubhouse led by the evening’s racing winner
– We will implement a crew race during the second race during Thursday night racing from mid-July through August to promote Star sailing with existing crews, guest or prospective crews and helmsmen, and women
– The Fleet boat is continuing to be graciously offered by Foss Miller, and we need to collectively find a new Star team who’s committed to sailing this boat this season / All Fleet members are encouraged to accomplish this
– To support and attract new Fleet members, we will host a training clinic this Spring / Dave Watt will organize this
– We will contact sailors in other local one-design Fleets to promote Star sailing, and suggest they try sailing in a Star / All Fleet members are encouraged to accomplish this
– We will advertise our 2016 Season race schedule in C.Y.C.’s and S.Y.C.’s notices and newsletters; in 48 deg, North, Northwest Yachting, and 3 Sheets monthly magazines; and we will provide race summary articles and results after each series to these organizations and to the Star Class / Our new Assistant District 6 Secretary, Dave Martin, will organize this