J245 Man One Design Keelboat

Fleet 26, District 19

Fleet Co-Captians:

Bill Taylor: 425-677-5599
Mark Ross: 425-391-2371
Noel Morgan: 253-475-8085

Fleet Treasurer:

Harry Dursch: 425-747-4065

Class Measurer:

Hans Spiller: 425-747-0061
Mike Johnson: 206-817-4012
Noel Morgan: 253-475-8085

http://www.j24fleet.com Fleet 26’s old website (including a calendar and links page)

International J24 Class Association Web Page. Lots of Useful Information

USA J24 Class Association Web page.

District 19 Championships/NOOD Seattle Notice Of Regatta May 20-22

Fleet Loaner Boat:

No Boat Available

About the Seattle Fleet

The Seattle J-24 Fleet 26 is part of District 19 (Northwest Region) of the United States J-24 Class Association. We are based on Lake Washington in Seattle at the Corinthian Yacht Club at Leschi.

The Seattle J24 Fleet is the largest active one-design fleet competing in the Seattle area with upwards of 30 boats competing most Tuesday evenings on Lake Washington.  Trophies are handed out at the end of the year, for Lake Over All Championship, Fleet 26 Champ, Series Championships and the Pacific Northwest Cup.

The fleet is has a certified US J24 Class Measurer to weigh and measure your boat for International Class Certification.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you are a J-24 owner, or would like to become one, and/or are interested in getting involved in the Seattle J-24 Fleet 26, please contact our Fleet Co-Captains.

If you are looking to crew on our regular Tuesday Night Racing Series (starting in April each year, and ending in late September or early October), come down the Leschi club house on Tuesday nights between 4:30-5:00PM to “walk the docks”. Or email our fleet at seattle@j24fleet.com with your contact information, availability and experience.

To subscribe to our list, follow the directions here.

The First Start is at 6:00pm on Tuesday Nights and of the 30+ boats in the fleet, someone is always looking for crew!

How Do I Become a Member?

Membership can be broken down into 3 main areas: Fleet, Class, and Club Membership.

Fleet Membership is normally $30 per race season. Dues are paid to the local fleet treasurer and are used for social events, promoting the fleet, and communication. To pay your dues for this season, make your checks payable to: J24 Fleet 26. Mail to: Harry Dursch 5459 Pleasure Pt Ln SE, Bellevue, WA 98006. ph:425-747-4065

NOTE: Because of the expenses from hosting the 2010 North American Championships, Fleet dues for 2011 will be $55.

Class Membership is $65 for Skippers or Helmsman, and $35 for Crew and Juniors. Skipper/Helmsman membership is required in order to compete in certain qualifying regattas. Crew membership is not required, but does help the US National Class gain more votes for holding the J24 Worlds in the US and provides an opportunity for more local boats to participate when the event is held in the US.

Online US J24 Class membership form

Club Membership varies on initiation and annual dues, but is required after the 1st year of racing.