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CYC Cruising

CYC organizes cruises that provide an opportunity for social weekend cruising, create an environment to exchange cruising knowledge, and provide opportunities for families to enjoy cruising.
Cruises can always be added to the CYC calendar. Is there someplace you think it would be fun to visit with friends? Join us and organize and lead a cruise.  Organizers choose destinations, themes, and activities.

To help organize cruises or receive additional information on CYC Cruising, contact Mike McGuane, CYC Fleet Captain Cruise (

Recent Cruising News

Read cruise wrap-ups and recent cruising news: For an archive of cruising in years past, take a look a the Past CYC Cruises page.

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To receive details and additional information about future CYC cruises by e-mail, please join the new Cruising Listserve by signing up at CYC Cruiser Listserve.

Cruising Volunteers Needed

CYC Cruising is in need of volunteers to help with some of the the many parts of maintaining an active, thriving cruising community at CYC. Current opportunities include the organization of new cruises, updating reciprocal guest moorage information, and updating and maintaining the cruising Listserve. To volunteer, contact Mike McGuane, CYC Fleet Captain Cruise ( or visit the CYC Volunteer Page to peruse more volunteer opportunities.