Volunteering at CYC

CYC is a wonderful community of people who all love to sail. Each of us has unique skills and we like to pitch in with our time and expertise. By volunteering, we build a strong sailing community, while supporting each other and our club.  There are a variety of ways you can help. Whether you volunteer for a bar shift, plan a social event or help maintain the race committee boat, we welcome your participation. Please see below for contact information or contact the office at: office@cycseattle.org.



Get involved and have your say! Here are today’s volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer: PSSR Race Committee

April 11-2 & 18-19: Not sailing in PSSR? Why don’t you come out on the race committee boat and be a part of the action. Contact the CYC Office if you can help out!.

Volunteer: PSSR Assist the Chef

April 11-2 & 18-19: We are in need of a runner at CSS. Must be willing to throw a party, serve up some grub, wipe a counter, empty trash, assist bar tenders. Contact the CYC Office if you can help out!.

Volunteer: Bartender

Member volunteer bartenders are always welcome. If you already have your WA State MAST permit, sign up for a shift now! If you don’t have your permit, keep an eye out, as we frequently offer training through CYC.

Volunteer: Cruising Team!

CYC Cruising is in need of volunteers to help with some of the the many parts of maintaining an active, thriving cruising community at CYC. Current opportunities include the organization of new cruises, updating reciprocal guest moorage information, and updating and maintaining the cruising ListServe. To volunteer, contact CYC Fleet Peggy Watt (pwatt55@hotmail.com ).