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Posted 10/23/2017

Boat for Sale: 1981 San Juan 34 ($25K)

1981 34’ San Juan with Teak Interior for sale. Sleeps 6 and is fully equipped. Extra Sails and ready to go. Located on North Lake Union, at Lee’s Moorage. Asking 25K.

Contract Jennifer at 206-802-8415.

Posted 2/16/2017

Boat for Sale: 2003 Farr 30 Patricia

12107959_10153030743691277_9192001501154628757_n IMG_5100 IMG_20151016_1301032003 Farr 30 Patricia was one of the last to be built by Ovington Marine. It has been regularly maintained and upgraded throughout its life.

  • Major Upgrades in the last 2 years
  • Mast- replaced June 2015
  • Cockpit- Raptor Deck- May 2014
  • Bow Hatch- replaced August 2015
  • Topsides painted in dark grey Urethane- August 2015
  • New sails since June 2014: J1, J2, Main, S1.5 (light Spinnaker)


Contact Chris Tutmark  at

Posted 1/13/2017

Sail for Sale: Beneteau 40.7 North  S2 Symmetrical Spinnaker ($700)

North S2 Tri Radial symmetric  Spinnaker off Beneteau 40.7 (Prior boat: Snake Eyes)

  • Color  – Navy Blue
  • Black numbers
  • In good shape, fast sail (2 small repairs on port clew area 3” diameter)
  • Blue North Launch Bag.
  • $700.

Contact Gordon Stoll at 206-851-8902