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Vanguard 15s

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In February, an opportunity developed for CYC to take a large step forward in achieving several goals for the short and long term vibrancy of our club. The CYC Board of Directors seized the moment to purchase 6 matched Vanguard 15s, with two sets of sails each (one set for practice, one set for racing), two trailers with three racks each, and supporting gear, from Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation. All of the boats and equipment were stored inside and kept in great shape.

Many hours were put into the evaluation and making sure this opportunity was consistent with our long term goals, priorities, and commitments to our membership. Vice Commodore Paul Kalina coordinated the effort and managed the bids. Brian Watkins traveled to inspect the boats, the board analyzed our finances, insurance, arranged for space on the floats, and put together a preliminary business plan including gear and trailer storage. We contacted our youth sailing partner, Sail Sand Point, to being the work of expanding this summer’s offerings, and we have a solid start to a sailing handbook for the program.

Lisa Cole, Director of Recruitment/Membership, says “One of our most common conversations at the Boat Show booth was discussing options with parents of kids older than 13 who were not eligible for our summer programs due to their age. I am very excited that we will be able to provide a great organized sailing experience to kids beyond our traditional summer programs!”

On March 8th, our bid was submitted, and on March 9th, we became the proud owners of six match boats. This purchase expands opportunities for future and existing CYC members. The Vanguard 15’s that CYC has purchased are also a solid choice for adult learn to sail programs, another frequent boat show request.

Commodore Denny Vaughan adds “Beyond expanding the junior sailing programs and the adult learn to sail programs, six matched boats enables us to host both team and match racing, opportunities. This allows us now to do what we have been talking about for decades.”

Never seen team racing? US Sailing begins to describe the opportunity as “Team racing is a fast-paced form of our sport that combines the allure of sailing with the dynamics of team sports. The format pits two teams of three boats on a short course, where the combined team score determines the winner. The racing rules are used aggressively, which fosters an event that boasts strong player and spectator appeal.”

Brush up on your team racing knowledge, look for at least one seminar on this topic in the coming months, and welcome these new members of our fleet.

With new offerings, we welcome additional help to get this program moving along. Contact Paul Kalina if you would be willing to help with development, managing, and/or operating this program. On Sunday March 26th, Brian Watkins, Nate Creitz, and Paul Kalina transported our new fleet to Sail Sand Point where they are being stored temporarily until the docks and cradles can be readied. We are looking for volunteers to help repairing the docks and building cradles for the boats. Stay tuned!

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