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Center Sound Series Competitors

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I would like to remind all competitors that it is their responsibility to ensure their rating certificates are current. While it is ultimately the responsibility of individual owners to ensure the status of their certificates, the NOR and SI’s are clear on issue. I am confident that owners will act responsibly and quickly on this issue. Please contact your rater directly if you have any concerns.

I would also remind all racers ( Sound and Lake ) that signing up for a Season’s Pass DOES NOT automatically register you for an event or series. You still need to register for the individual event or series, notwithstanding your season’s pass status. This has been a point of confusion for some time, and I would like to clarify this.

Finally, a hearty thank you to all competitors for your ongoing support of CYC RC and club volunteers, PRO’s and racing events.

Matthew Wood
Race Fleet Captain & PHRF Handicapper
206 501 8971


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