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Volunteers | Christmas Ships Thank You Cruise

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December 11, 2015 7-9:30 pm Did you volunteer at CYC this year? If so, we would like to thank you by inviting you to join us for the December 11th, the Argosy Christmas Ship Parade. Argosy will be doing three performances that night, Shilshole Bay, Blue Ridge and Carkeek Park. The boats will leave the docks [ MORE ]

Meetings | Social Event Team Meetings

The Corinthian Yacht Club is a member-run organization. All events and activities are organized by members for members. What kind of events/activities? The list is endless. The idea of the Yacht Club came about from a discussion in a ski hut. At the beginning of each month, we have a Social Event Team Meeting at 7pm.  We [ MORE ]

Volunteer | Work Party

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July 11, 2015 (10am-3pm)  Feeling guilty about not volunteering yet this year? Well here is your chance to step up and whip the clubhouse into shape. We need all hands on deck to help with powerwashing, window washing, clubhouse cleaning and any project you see that needs to be done around the building. Pizza lunch [ MORE ]

CYC 70th Birthday & Brian Watkins Thank You

On Thursday, February 12, 2015, more than 120 people attended the Club’s 70th Birthday Party and the Brian Watkins Surprise Appreciation Party. It was a very fun night honoring the history of the Club and expressing gratitude for the incredible service and leadership Brian has put forth. Vice Commodore, Jerry Diercks led the proceedings and [ MORE ]

Thanks for Ballard Food Bank Support

Thanks to the generosity of our members, CYC donated more than 190 items (125 pounds) plus $25 to the Ballard Food Bank in December. Donated items included shelf stable food items (chili, tuna, pasta, canned fruit and vegetables, etc) pet food, TP, paper towels, hygiene items and a gift bag full of hotel sized toiletries. [ MORE ]

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