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2017: A New Year.

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Dear Corinthian Sailors, We had a great year in 2016 largely due to the leadership of outgoing Commodore Jerry Diercks. The club grew to more than 650 memberships. Our financial condition continued to improve. We put on more races than any other yacht club in the US. Our Cruising Program became year-round. Our Youth Program [ MORE ]

WELCOME to Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle

We are a group of sailors who do stuff with and for each other that we couldn’t do alone. We build a sense of community by working with each other to make fun things happen: racing on Lake Washington and Puget Sound; cruising with friends and learning the tricks of the lifestyle; getting our kids on [ MORE ]

Let’s Go Sailing!

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Welcome to the 2016 sailboat racing season. We look forward to continuing our tradition of putting on fun events that give us all an excuse to go sailing with our friends and challenge our sailing skills. Many of us struggle to find a balance between having fun on the water and being competitive. I know [ MORE ]

Racing Through the Year

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2015 has come and gone at a fast and furious pace.  CYC started the racing season with the Center Sound Series where 75 boats participated in 3 races during the strong March winds. Several CYC boats did not make it back from those race with all of their gear intact. Most notable was Absolutely, owned [ MORE ]

From the Helm | 2015 So Far

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The New Year started off with a bang with the annual dinner and awards presentation to those sailors who had a great sailing seasons in 2014. We had more than 100 individual at the Club, including several junior sailors member who were recipients of many of the awards. In short, the clubhouse was packed. As [ MORE ]

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